JPR 2009: Wednesday Lightning Talks

As mentioned before, recorded lightning talks will be posted to the Java Posse YouTube channel. Here’s a quick summary of the second LT session.

Joel Neely
The Other Staircase – As a kid, I always wondered why the octave is divided into 12 parts (in Western music). Here’s a reason.
Jason Nerothin
DB Migrations in Java – Jason showed a lightweight approach to bi-directional, development-friendly database change management.
Joe Sondow
Semantic HTML and Skinnable CSS – Joe gave us a quick demonstration of the power of CSS, and pointed us to a couple of useful and interesting web sites.
Joe Nuxoll – Joe serves as a photographer, technical advisor, and blogger to this soccer site. He discussed soccer photography and showed us some great shots.
Ido Green
YQL 101 – Ido demonstrated Yahoo’s YQL tool for querying, filtering and combining web-based data.
Peter Pilgrim
How to start your very own Java User Group – Peter, a Sun Java Champion from England, passed on tips for starting and leading a JUG.
Oliver Gierke
Persistence layers – Inspired by a DeveloperWorks article on generic DAO, Oliver implemented a low-ceremony, annotation-based framework.
Joe Nuxoll
Formula One 2009 – Technology Advances – Joe (who’s also a racing instructor) gave us the basics on the Kinetic Energy Recovery System for F1 race cars.
Alf Støyle and Fredrick Fraalsen
Scala and Wicket – This tag-team presentation looked at using Scala and Wicket to implement on-line registration for JavaZone.
Joel Neely
Why is there a lower-case “A”? – This encore presentation from last year looked at the effect of tools and needs on a very old technology.
D J Hagberg
811: Know what’s below before you dig – Buried utilities can be damaged by thoughtless digging, sometimes with catastrophic results. The 811 system is a response to this risk.
Robert Cooper
Old school computing – Robert’s explanation of basic slide-rule technique showed “an elegant computer for a more civilized time”. (It also had nice screen shots.)
Fred Simon
JFrog and Artifactory 2.1 – Fred introduced us to his clean, functional open-source enterprise repository.
Barry Hawkins
tips for introducing change – Barry’s fantastic talk on… Nah, I can’t do it justice. Just go see for yourself. This one’s already posted on the Posse channel. It was a perfect cap on the evening.
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