JPR 2009: Thursday Lightning Talks

The final lightning talk session, like the entire week, went by too quickly! While a technical glitch was being resolved, Bill Pugh and Matt Grommes stepped in with 20-second impromptu lightning talks (spark talks?).

Dick Wall
JFlubber, FlexFlubber, and FXFlubber – Long-time Posse listeners know about Dick’s JFlubber app. In this talk, he presented the results of re-implementing it in JavaFX (steampunk style) and in Flex (with dynamic skinning, courtesy of James Ward).
Jack Leow
GWT in a Traditional Web Development Environment – After touching on the benefits of GWT, Jack described some bumps in the road and how he overcame them, followed by a demonstration.
Bill Pugh
(20-second talk)Donate bone marrow and save someone’s life!
Matt Grommes
(20-second talk)Evernote is a cross-platform system for capturing and managing information, even on your phone!
Oliver Gierke
Coding and Music, Passion and Profession – Oliver, a Java developer and the drummer with Four Sided Cube, talked about the parallels between development and musical composition/performance.
Ron Hafernik
Hacking Hardware for Fun and Profit – Ron talked about low-cost, low-power microcontrollers (such as the ATtiny24, the PIC18F87J11, the Arduino, and the BasicStamp), their uses, and a variety of sites with more information (Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories, Hack a Day, and Instructables).
Joe Nuxoll
Helmet-cam videos – With his photographer’s hat on again, Joe showed us his helmet-mountable camera and solid state recorder, then played some videos from skiing and snowmobiling at this year’s Roundup.
Andrew Harmel-Law
Zombies Ahead – Andrew had us rolling in the floor with his dire warnings about the rising danger from zombies!
Joe Sondow
Working on the front end – Joe demonstrated the use of JavaScript Shell, a web-based”command-line interface for JavaScript and DOM.”
Eirik Bjørsnøs
How to catch a laptop thief using Flex – We all applauded Eirik’s ingenious use of his skills to help catch the burglar who stole a friend’s laptop.
Dick Wall
Doctor Who – Dick summarized the backstory and major characters from this popular BBC series.
James Ward
Sexy apps with Flex – After a quick glance at Tour de Flex, James blew us away with some über-cool user interface demos.
Carl Quinn
Free Electricity From the Sun – Carl showed the design and installation of his home’s solar panel system.
Alf Kristian Støyle
JavaRebel and Scala – Alf demonstrated using Scala on top of JavaRebel, a JVM plugin that reloads modified class files on-the-fly.
Dianne Marsh
What Microsoft Does for Its Developer Community – Dianne reviewed some of the ways that Microsoft supports its developers, including the MVP program.
Todd Costello
Groovy/Swing/GoogleMaps/YQL Mashup – Todd mashed up JXMapKit with Groovy and YQL to plot the home airports of some of the Roundup attendees.
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