JPR 2009: Monday

After beginning the day with Camp 4 Coffee, we assembled at the Posse House to dive into a day of coding dojos on alternate JVM languages. Various groups split off to different rooms and houses to discuss Scala, JavaFX, Groovy and Grails, and Jython. The plan for the day also included a discussion of Fan; that session was deferred to the afternoon when Fred Simon (of AlphaCSP and JFrog) experienced an unexpected travel delay.

You’d think that the gate agent would think to wake a sleeping passenger, instead of just issuing last call and launching the aircraft!

I started at the Posse House in the Scala session. Dick Wall was interested in trying to implement linq-like functionality in Scala. Dianne reviewed the first part of Bill Wagner’s article and I recapped the generic sort we worked out last year. Dick showed some sample code that demonstrated several Scala techniques for nice, clean, concise code.

It wasn’t as formal as that may sound; it was more conversation than presentation.

After a lunch break, I went to Chestnut House where Bill Venners met with some Possee attendees to work on his ScalaTest project.

After supper many early-arrivers re-convened at the Posse House for a series of informal wrap-up talks which summarized the activities of the various meetings for everyone. It was a great way to overcome the frustration of not being everywhere at once.

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