JPR 2008: Tuesday afternoon

During the afternoon break, Dianne Marsh took Dick Wall, Mike Levin, and me to the Crested Butte Nordic Center for a bit of cross-country skiing. (Dick and Mike had tried xc before, so I was the rank newbie.) Dianne was a very patient and helpful babysitter. I didn’t fall down once. (*)

I took the picture below…


…looking back down a small hill toward Dianne and Dick standing by the Nordic Center building. The snow on the right side of the picture (between the building and the ice rink) really is as deep as the second-floor balcony. The next picture…


…was taken only a few dozen yards further on (after Mike had joined us and everyone had passed me, which wasn’t hard 😉 ). This shot illustrates that the beauty of nature is only a few steps away, almost no matter where you are in Crested Butte.

(*) The statement above is true, strictly speaking. I actually fell down about a half-dozen times. 😉

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