JPR 2008: Monday evening

With most folks arriving on Monday (including those of us who had intended a Sunday afternoon arrival), the informal intro to the Roundup was a DIY dinner graciously hosted by Bruce Eckel.

There was a suitable amount of envy for Robert Cooper‘s über-thin laptop (and some interest in the Eee PC), but the hot conversational topic of the evening was Android. A few of the attendees had the Android SDK, and were ready with jokes about the Cylon eye and Knight Rider. The architecture looks to be very well-thought-out, getting favorable press even before hitting the streets.

The big idea is that of a completely open, level playing field for mobile application development, built on an elegant set of core application concepts. There’s also open source repository with a sample app by the Posse‘s own Dick Wall. The source for WikiNotes shows just how much can be done with a little Java and a little XML.

It was a great start for the week!

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