JPR 2008: Getting there

Last year it took us 15 hours to get from Memphis to Crested Butte, thanks to an airline equipment problem. This year we planned to travel out a day earlier, to have a day to settle in before the sessions started.

So much for that.

Everything was on schedule until we got into the Gunnison area, at which point limited visibility on the ground (down to a quarter of a mile, according to the captain) forced our flight to orbit in the hopes that conditions would improve. One feature-length film later, with no improvement in the weather, we returned to DFW. At least we got to visit family that evening…

The next day our rescheduled flight made it to Gunnison without delay.


So after 31 hours we arrived in Crested Butte to blue skies, bright sun, and the deepest snow in 30 years, according to residents.


We stayed at the Elk Mountain Lodge for the second year in a row, and were very happy with our accomodations (see below).

I spoke to one attendee who made it by a round-about route from Israel to Crested Butte in about 35 hours, which didn’t top our travel time by much. However, I’m not complaining, because the Roundup was worth every bit of effort it took to get here.

But if it takes 63 hours next year, I’m going to consider driving.


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